Publication Costs

Having paid for the publication, the author (team of authors) states the agreement with editorial and publishing services contract conditions. The cost of the publication is 650 rubles (the length of the paper 6-20 pages, the design of the paper meets the requirements).
Additional services:
Translation of metadata and bibliography - 500 rubles.
Reduction of the publication period to 15 days - 120 rubles.
Reduction of the publication period to 5 days - 320 rubles.
Members of the editorial board can publish a paper with a 50% discount, regardless of the co-authorship.
Free publication is possible available:
1.  Post-graduate students, published in co-authorship with the doctor of sciences (PhD). In this case it is necessary to provide an official postgraduate study document.
2. Author or an identical collective of co-authors’ 6th article.
3. Members of the editorial board - one free article annually.
4. Authors (without co-authors), having a doctorate degree.
If the payment is made by the organization, the following information is necessary: the full name of the organization, the official seat, bank details, contact phone number, full name of the director or other person authorized to sign the contract.