Volume 7 Issue 1

Issue cover

Economics and Management 

Bonyani A. The impact of employee motivation on the organization's performance

Bratchikova A.A., Sharin V.I. Theoretical and methodological foundations of the staff assessment in the company

Gurdjanyan S.A. The impact of state labor potential’s demographic and economic component on the non-productive company’s development

Kombarov М.А. Factors impeding the Russian economy growth and ways to combat them

Koneva D.V. Competitiveness of public catering enterprises on the Khanty-Mansiysk restaurant business market

Kocheryan M.A. Research of network interaction in the framework of physical and sporting activities of universities

Kulkova I. Fertility reduction as a method of population adaptation to pension system dynamic change

Makovich G.V. Economic competences in the activities of the staff of the internal affairs

Maltseva T.A. Improving systems for staff attraction, selection and onboarding

Nikolsky A. The success principle and its mathematical analysis. Derivative – the meaning of life

Ogorodnikova E.S. Study of the release of socially-oriented non-profit organizations in the sphere of social services

Pesha A.V., Shavrovskaya M.N., Borodina O.N. HR-manager as a subject and a driver for the development of internal entrepreneurship

Radko S.G. Competence approach in labor potential management procedures

Salamatina Y.V. Empathic culture of an employee as an element of organizational culture

Frolova A.S. HR metrics for the effectiveness of budgeting of some sub-processes of personnel management in the organization

Shelomentsev A.G., Doroshenko S.V., Dzhabiev V.V., Goncharova K.S. Endogenous factors of socio-economic development of the republic of south Ossetia (unrecognized state) under its economic isolation

Yakovleva M.A. Leadership in mentoring as an effective tool for staff adaptation