Volume 8 Issue 2

Issue cover

Regional and sectoral economy

Benrachou N. Theoretical foundations for the development of innovations in higher education organizations on the example of higher education organizations Russian Federation

Rinki D. Post-pandemic economic transformations in India

Singh Р. Women empowerment: a theoretical analysis

Arkhangelskiy V. The possibilities of using indicators for real generations in assessing the dynamics of fertility

Belekhova G. Work life quality in pre-retirement age: regional profile

Grigorenko Y. Prospects for the population labor potential in the real demographic situation: Sverdlovsk region case study

Kulkova I. The dual character of the labor resources’ position in the economic warfare situation

Lifshits М. Additional mortality in Russia and in other countries during the covid-19 pandemic

Makovich G., Arzhanukhin S. Project management of family institute in the digital society

Neshataev А. Features’ analysis of the pronatalist policy instruments in regions with high fertility

Sekicki-Pavlenko О. Age structure of population in the lifelong education development context in Russia

Sidorov Y., Bochkov P., Blinova Y. Institutional conditions’ transformation for the foreign trade activities development of the EAEU-states in the covid-19 pandemic

Fauzer V. Factors and consequences of changes in the ethnic population structure in the Komi republic


Huang Q. The "big data" application to community management in China during the COVID-19 outbreak

Bannikova L., Kondrashin S. New opportunities to increase the scientific career attractiveness for the youth

Melnikova А., Gerasimchuk I. Career guidance management in transforming universities during the candidates’ selection and support for training in advanced engineering schools

Seyalova G., Gorelikova-Kitaeva О. Trends in the social entrepreneurship development in Russia