Volume 7 Issue 2

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Economics and Management

 Ghazy K., Fedorova A. Industry 4.0 and human resource management in the hotel business

Arzhanukhin S. The sociological neoinstitutional approach to the company’s talent pool management

Bagirova A., Vavilova A. Supporting demographic policy: evaluations and opportunities

Vinogradova E, Galimova A. The company’s life cycle differences as the corporate system creation basis

Ilyukhin A, Ilyukhinа S. Modern motivational processes on the labor market of a large industrial region

Kairbekova A., Abramov R. The corruption impact on the entrepreneurship development in Russia

Kulkova I. Vacancies analysis for elderly aged persons on the Russian labor market

Milev A. The transport infrastructure role in regional development

Mordanov M., Osokin I. The study of behavioral economics content and its "paradoxes" in the individual’s decision-making process

Noha V. "Human digital" behavior features in the world economy new reality

Rostovskaya T., Vasilieva E. Reproductive strategies and practices of Russians: results of the all-Russian study

Ryskin P. Institutional participants role research in the post-sports adaptation process

Smirnov A. Efficiency evaluation of providing the company with qualified staff

Sokerina S. Innovative thinking: a conceptual approach

Subkhankulova K., Voronina E. The clusters’ role in implementing sustainable economy development: overview analysis (EU case study) RETRACTED

Trofimova G. Quadrature of Lorentz curves

Tukhtarova Y. Comparative analysis of the migration processes studies in domestic and foreign literature

Tsebro T. Mechanisms and institutions of state regulation of the organic products market in the republic of Belarus

Sharin V. “To benefit society” position in the Russian state civil servants’ motivational structure