Volume 6 Issue 2

Issue cover

Economics and Management

Dorofeeva A.R. Glamping in Russia: Relevance and Development Prospects

Evreeva K.R., Maksimov V.A., Trofimova G.A. Economic Inequality and Social Injustice in Russia

Kombarov M.A. Ways to Improve the Company’s Financial Performance: Case Study Universal Business Expertise LLC

Magradze T., Dmitriev N.D. Modeling the Motivational Mechanisms of Human Resource Management in Power Electricity

Radko S.G. Entropy as a Measure of Uncertainty in Labor Potential Management

Rosengart K.K. Staffing Improvement in the Fitness Center

Sedoykina A.A. Prospects for the Artificial Intelligence System Implementation to the Business Efficiency Increase in Call Center’s Processes

Sysun A.K., Rudenko S.A. Russian Digital Banking Market Research

Yakovleva M.A., Shostak M.A. The Well-Being Concept Application by the Hospitality Industry